Creative Business Financing for Expansion

Woman in her 20s drawing a creative business plan at the office

When it comes to having your own business, creativity is of the utmost importance. It is even more so when your company is small or you are just starting out. If you run a small company, you have to wear so many different hats. This is especially true if you do not have many employees. In fact, in the initial stages, you may be fulfilling various roles such as:

  •       Owner
  •       Salesperson
  •       Cashier
  •       Accountant
  •       Janitor
  •       Marketing Personnel

Even with a larger company, you still have to be involved in many roles within the company. Neglecting those roles could cost you dearly in the long run.

Strapped for Cash?

It makes quite a bit of sense that if you are strapped for cash in moving your company forward; you have to be creative in your financing. There are two ways to approach financing for your business. First, you can attempt contacting an outside source for financing. This could be a banking institution. Or, you can make an attempt at cutting some of your expenses to meet your financial objective. Fortunately for you, there are many other ways that you can create finance for your business. You will find some of these below.

Create a Purchasing Coalition

You can contact your vendors and ask for a discount if you were to purchase items in bulk. However, since your business is not as large as Walmart, you could consider creating a partnership with one of your local businesses, especially one that complements your service and/or products.

The Power of Your Employees

Don’t underestimate your employees. Use them to think about ways that the company can save money. Have a sit-down meeting with the staff to discuss what can be done to save money. You will probably be surprised that your employees are not shy about bringing their own coffee to work or making the office party more of a potluck dinner instead of the company footing the entire bill.

Outside Sources of Financing

If you need more than just cutting cost, you can look at outside sources that offer creative financing for your business. You can access financing that comes from family and friends. However, you must be disciplined in repaying the loan, even though these may be people that you know. Family and friends provide a low cost way to borrow a loan. You should take advantage of this. There are no applications to complete and you may get a longer term period to repay the loan. Just be honest and upfront.

Revenue Lending

Revenue lending is also another way to obtain financing. This kind of lending allows owners of businesses to lend to each other at high competitive rates of interest and more repayment flexibility options.

Crowd Funding

Crowd funding has become quite popular as a means of obtaining business financing. You go to the crowd funding website and post your project and the pitch for the amount of money needed. You can include an incentive to the giver, which adds to its creativity.

As a business owner, you must be creative in every aspect of your business. If you are trying to find creative solutions to your business financing, you have to consider unique ways to achieving this.


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