How to Avoid the Most Crucial Mistakes Made in Business Financing

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To survive in business, there are certain mistakes to avoid as it relates to business financing. If you begin making these business financing errors too often, you will limit your chances of having long term business success. To make an informed decision in your business, it is best to be aware of the causes and importance of not making these mistakes.

Accurate Records

The first mistake to avoid is not keeping accurate accounting records. You should have a bookkeeping system each month, no matter what the size of your business. It helps you to keep track of your cash flow, decision making and financial planning. If you are unable to personally do the bookkeeping or accounting yourself, you could hire a bookkeeper or accountant. There will be a cost to hire any of these professionals, but it will cost you less than if you were not to have one of these professionals to partially control the financial activities in your business. This one error could lead to other errors in the business.

Cash Flow Projection

In every business, cash flow is important and you need to know how much cash is going out and coming in. You must have a projection of your cash flow because it helps you to stay within the limits of your goal and financial target each month. It also gives you an idea on how much to spend on a monthly basis. Be sure that your cash flow projection is realistic and conservative.

Insufficient Capital

If you are working with insufficient capital, your business will remain stagnant. The cash flow projection will guide you into enough working capital to expand your business. The elements of working capital are often ignored when business owners shift their main focus and putting up their capital on the investment of company assets.

Poor Money Management

Without the appropriate cash flow projection, accounting and working capital, you will have problems with managing your money. For that reason, you may be forced to delay payments owed to vendors and creditors. This could lead you at the edge of going downhill in your business. For example, if you don’t know the cause of your cash flow issues and instead of finding out, you extend payments to creditors and vendors to the next month, the overdue payments ill only dig you deeper in a financial hole.  

Inadequate Managing of Credit

When you defer payments to vendors and credits you face severe consequences later on.  When your credit card payments are late, you run the risk of damaging your credit and subsequently your business. For businesses that pay insufficient fund payments on a regular basis, this puts a bad mark on your business credit. If you take too long to pay your creditors, you may be smacked with a lawsuit, which would place a judgment against you, subsequently destroying your credit. If you were to make an application for future credit, you could be denied.

No Financial Strategy

In every business, you must have a financial strategy so that you will be able to support your existing and future cash flow. A strategy also helps you to repay your debt on time and gives you a contingency plan in addressing any urgent needs.


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